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   When you need to customize a batch of products, in order to facilitate  the customer to identify and products and ease to input data to their warehouse Management System, sometimes we need to put bar code labels with different numbers on each product. In this case, if the bar code label is printed on the roll label paper, it will be difficult to find the corresponding numbered bar code label you need to paste to a product, for it rolled all labels together, and there are large number of labels.

   Our barcode printing software provides a perfect solution: you can print a set of barcode labels onto an A4 paper or Avery label paper, so you can hold a “bar code labels book” to paste the corresponding numbered barcode label to each products, by the page number of the bar code labels book, you can easily find the barcode with the number you need,  this program will greatly improve your working efficiency.

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   This software has more convenience on input barcode data, E.g, it can enter the barcode data in Excel first, then import to this barcode program and print bulk barcode labels.

   Use this software, you can add in a barcode label design feature to MS Excel. For example, to add a barcode to a cell of Excel, just need to enter a function (formula) "Barcode("123456789")" to this cell, run Barcode Builder program, click the "Create Barcode Label" button, the program will insert a barcode which number is "123456789" to this cell. If you want to let the barcode number equal the value of cell "B6", enter the function "Barcode(B6)". Supports all the most popular bar code types, including 1D,2D barcode, QR code. This software also including a "Batch Barcode Generator" program module, it can print batch barcodes with common laser / inkjet printer to all kinds of paper or self-adhesive labels.

Import Excel data to generate bulk barcodes or print multiple barcode labels to Avery label paper.

Detail steps in our main website.


  Use MS Excel to design barcode label with multiple barcodes and texts and logo:


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  Our software can also work with MS Excel to design barcode label:

Step 1: Use MS Excel to design the label format, as below left side:

Step 2: Enter the barcode value to the cell which you need to has a barcode.

For example, in below left side, in the Excel cell B7, you need to have a barcode in it, the barcode number is "DGG0902-7896HB/7896HC", this number has been entered in the cell B6, so we just need to enter a formula in the B7 which is "Barcode(B6)", when run our Excel Barcode Maker program, the program will change the formula to a barcode, as which show in the below right side.


  The screen of our barcode label design program  which can collaborate with Excel.


  Bulk print barcode labels to Avery of another label paper, to common office use laser / inkjet printer

         or professional barcode printer, support almost all 1D 2D barcode and QR Code, etc.

  Add All ASCII to the barcode, such as Tab, Enter, File Separated Char, etc.,


This software support the professional barcode printer and the common office use laser / inkjet printer, you can print barcode to sticker label paper, or Avery 5160, 5161, 5162, etc. label paper, or just print to common A4, B5 paper.



  Automatic generate sequence barcode numbers, up to 99999 numbers per time, then directly print

         to barcode labels, or export all the barcode images to a folder, or export to Word or Excel file.




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